I love group work

The collaborative energy and sacred sharing that happen are nothing short of magic. My groups range from small (3–6 people) to big (teaching a roomful of hundreds of people). If you like the energy of connection and the idea of meeting some members of your tribe, this kind of work is for you.



Ready to Ripen 2017

A Juicy, Kick-Ass Circle to Find Your “What’s Next”Ready to Ripen 2017

  • A nine-month program (January to September) to challenge and change your “stories” about your limitations
  • Step-by-step exercises to get clear on your power, your purpose, your passions
  • What’s-next actions that take you from where you are to where you want to be
  • The deeply sweet, invaluable support of a tribe of soul sisters at your back
  • Be the woman you hoped you’d grow up to be when you were a child
  • Make a difference in your world—and THE world

“What will you do with your one wild and precious life?”

~ Mary Oliver

Ready to Ripen is designed to open your heart, celebrate the secret wishes of your soul, and do nothing less than deliver the life of your dreams.

I am calling forth a sacred circle of badass soul sisters who are ready to get a little raucous, a little wild, a little greedy for authenticity, meaning, purpose, and mad joy. Ready to release what doesn’t serve in order to make room for what’s next.

Ready to be rocked? Ready to be rolled? Ready to ripen into the fine wine, the juicy piece of fruit, the sassy delicious creature that you were born to be?

Wouldn’t you like to wake up—and stay awake? Wouldn’t you like to feel juicy and full of possibility again? Wouldn’t you like to be able to say NO! to the crap that’s not working for you and open your arms wide to allow all that you want to flow to you?

Ready to Ripen is ON. You get:

  • 2 two-hour webinars each month to dive down, dig deep, challenge your stories, tell new ones, and get back in touch with who you are at a profound and transformative level.
  • Meaningful and imaginative “homework” that will ignite you, inspire a deep level of self-awareness and self-love, and create a road map to your dreams.
  • A weekly partner between webinars, a soul sister from the group who will have your back, remind you of who you are and the life you say you want to live, and help you out when you’re feeling tired, stuck, unmotivated or confused. And for whom you will do the same.
  • A private Facebook page for soul sister sharing and support
  • 3 private coaching sessions with me: the first to establish your goals for this work together, the second to make sure you’re on track, and the final session to integrate all the pieces of what we’ve learned and accomplished together so you can move forward freely and confidently on your path.
  • A fabulous integration/celebration weekend at the infamous and storied Stanley Hotel, inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining, just outside Rocky Mountain National Park. We’ll meet the spirits (they’re really there!), take a rugged (and heated!) jeep ride through the mountains, dance, sing, eat truly well and laugh until our sides ache. Meet your soul sisters face to face and get your hugs on! Your stay, two dinners, Rocky Mountain Jeep Tour and Night Ghost Tour included. See the gallery below for a look at the previous Ready to Ripen.


And at the end of all of it? You will:

  • know exactly who you are and what you want
  • have a clear road map of how to get it
  • have already taken and continue to take real-world action steps toward the life of your dreams
  • have bonded on a soul level with a tribe of women who know you to your core—and love you for it
  • thrill to a clear sense of yourself as the juicy, vibrant and worthy woman you are

We’ll dive deep and dive fast, and while we will most definitely have fun, we will be working with intention and purpose.

$300 reserves your space, then you’ll be billed monthly at $300 on the first of each month February-September. (Weekend in the Rockies included!)

$300 a month isn’t insignificant. Neither is your emotional well-being nor the beauty and joy of living life full-out. So I’ll ask: How much is the rest of your life worth to you? I can guarantee that previous participants haven’t regretted a single dime—as you can read below in these excerpted testimonials from Ripen graduates. (Also see their full testimonials. Absolutely worth reading.)



...As a result of this work, I’m on my way to greatness. I’m not afraid to chase some dreams. I’m not afraid to put some things aside. I have surely stopped doing things just because I’m ‘supposed to.’ You’ll know if you’re ready. You probably are if you’re even reading this. Take a leap of faith that everything will work out. Take a leap that your ripe self will live a better life than your now self. Just as a fruit gets so much sweeter as it ripens, so does life. Get ready! It’s time to ripen!



When I committed to Ready to Ripen, I had $37 in the bank and no real money making prospects in sight. I had just ended an abusive relationship but was continuing to live with the abuser because of money reasons. I was on the verge of homelessness. I felt stuck, lost and alone, and as soon as I saw the description of this program I knew I had to do it. So I made the leap. I didn’t get what I expected. I got so much more.... Here I am, a year later. The abuser is gone. My business is taking off. I have money in the bank. I have my tribe, so I never feel alone. I’m preparing to move into my own space and I’m standing on my own two feet. I’ve taken risks, learned to be vulnerable, tried new things. My life feels full and rich, and yes, RIPE. The best thing I got out of Ready to Ripen? I got me. A strong, healthy, loving and understanding relationship with myself. That, my friends, is priceless. And I could never have done it alone. I could never have done it without these women. I am forever changed, and forever grateful.



...At first Ready to Ripen was one more thing on my to-do list. Then it became my place to truly exhale and start finding and believing in me again…naked of the overwhelming to-do list, more vulnerable than I thought possible, yet stronger and more fulfilled than ever. And, I gained a new tribe of amazing women I’ll call friends for life. That’s some return on investment…


Best to sign up soon for this rock-your-world program, for there’s only space for eight participants. Be one of them. Apply or ask questions below.

XO Maggie

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