We’re all storytellers, we humans. It’s how we make sense of and process the world around us. But many times, we have painful stories on board that aren’t true, don’t serve us, and may not even belong to us. (Think of a story you may have inherited from one of your parents. Mine was a classic twofer: “You can do anything! But life sort of sucks, so it probably won’t work out.” Meant to protect me, I’m sure, but untrue. I still believed it for decades.)

As a coach, I’ll help you discern fact from fiction and the stories that wound from the stories that serve. You are the author. Your life is your story. Let’s work together so that you get better at telling it, and at consciously choosing the stories that shape your life into the one you say you want to live.

How much?

Listen, really good mentorship costs money, and it should. Working with your right-fit mentor/coach is a collaborative relationship that must contain equal parts trust, connection, resonance, and RESULTS. It has unique value. It’s simply counter-productive for you to work with someone who doesn’t believe in themselves and what they do.

I don’t believe in playing small. It’s not about ego. It’s because when we play small, we dishonor our gifts and we break trust with ourselves. Not to mention that it’s really cramped in that little dark box.

I won’t do that to me, and I invite you not to do that to you. I do life-changing work with my clients at $150 an hour for mentorship and life facilitation; $125 an hour if you purchase a package of 6 or more sessions in advance. To take a look at the group work I do, where the costs are shared, see the Workshops & Events page.

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