Why the Heck Would You Hire Me?

I get asked what I do and how it works a lot–although admittedly less so now that life coaching has gone much more mainstream. But now that I’ve added writing coaching, ghost writing and editing, and other programs, I’m seeing more furrowed brows lately.

question mark, maggie mcreynoldsSo here’s what I do, and why in the world you might consider working with me:

I started out as a client in need of a coach.

Years ago, I hated my job as a managing editor of a city monthly. So what did I do? I started interviewing for other, higher-paying jobs as a managing editor for even bigger magazines. Big duh. If you don’t like turnips, eating more of them isn’t gonna help. Thankfully, I got some coaching—and ended up becoming a coach myself.

And wowee wow wow: I now know tons of great tools, exercises and conversations to get my clients out of crisis or unstuck, clear on what’s next, and how to get there. Helping people find their authentic voice or their authentic way of being/doing in the world? How cool is that?

Here’s how you could work with me:

First, I offer a free 20-minute “get to know you” initial phone consult, so you and I can see if we’re a good fit.
After that, I have several tiers, for lack of better word, of coaching offers. From lowest cost to highest, they are:

* Kick Ass Club: this is good for former clients or brand new ones who need some accountability or to touch base. It’s also good for the severely cash-strapped, though I’m not convinced it’s enough to help someone trying to make a major life change. Basically, for $67/month, you get two 20-minute “laser” (i.e., intensely focused) coaching sessions a month, a weekly email with prompts and exercises, and a group call where we all discuss a common issue and/or share. Limited to 25 participants, so if you think this is for you, I recommend not dragging your feet.

* What’s Next?: a six-week, assessment-oriented program designed to help clients clarify their strengths, weaknesses, values, goals, and use that information to figure out the next steps and create accountable actions to get them where they want to be. $600 total.

* WriteWorks: a six-week one-on-one or group class to help established, struggling, or new writers find their voice, identify their readers and their readers’ problems, communicate clearly and compellingly, and create joyful consistent writing routines. $600-$750 total. (I also edit and.or “ghost” write other people’s blogs, social media posts, articles, and books.)

* One-on-One Coaching: purchased as either a single session ($150 for 90 minutes) or a package ranging from 6 to 12 sessions (12 sessions are $1200). Really good for people who need personal attention and focus and who’d rather not share with a group, and who want to be able to address whatever comes up–not just what’s next career-wise. For example, if a relationship crisis pops up or a scary diagnosis, or just difficult emotions about moving forward, they want to be able to address those, too.

* Coach on Call: this is good for people who are in the middle of a big sea change or major life transition–or who have lots of stuff that crops up over time, and who don’t want to have to worry about the clock ticking during our session or waiting until coaching “day” to arrive to deal with crises, concerns, and opportunities. This is UNLIMITED coaching. Every day for a month? Two full days every two weeks? A daily 15-minute check-in for accountability? Whatever it takes. $6000 for a year; $3000 for six months, available to six clients only.

Why tell you all this now? I’ve been realizing lately that despite sending out newsletters, reaching out on social media, and maintaining my blog and website, I have this ridiculous idea that it is somehow unseemly for me to ask for your business. Did some self-coaching around that, and, in short: I’m over it.

Any chance you feel the same way? That it is somehow unseemly or even ungrateful to want what you want, to want things to be different, to want your life, your job, your relationships, to be better?

Want to work with me? Yay! We’re on the same page! Just get in touch to talk about how.

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