What the Hell Are You Doing?

Is that really the smartest marketing move I’ve ever made, asking you something like that in a subject header?

Well, no. No, it isn’t.

painted into a corner, Maggie McReynolds blogBut isn’t that the question many of you are asking yourself these days?

Here you are, somewhere in the middle of your life, and, really, does it look like anything you had in mind for yourself when you were a kid? I don’t mean in the sense of a Barbie’s Dreamhouse-style fantasy (at age 6, my sole ambition in life was to be a mommy and, I blush to say, a waitress with a frilly apron). I mean, you knew when you were little that you could do anything, be anything, go anywhere, create the life of your dreams.

So did you?

And if you didn’t, what the hell are you doing?

Listen, if you are happy–and many of you doubtless are, this email is not for you. This is for those of you who find yourself looking around at your job, your relationships, your home, your life and experiencing a disconnect.

This is for those of you experiencing that exquisitely painful and bewildering state of “WTF???”

Maybe your life is kinda sorta close to what you want, and it just needs some tweaking here and there. Awesome. Maybe it isn’t what you’d imagined, but you’re making it work. Truly, that’s wonderful.

And maybe you are wondering how the hell you got here and is this really all there is and what’s the point of it all and is this REALLY WHAT I WAS PUT HERE ON THIS PLANET TO DO?

Yeah, it’s you I’m talking to. Because I have so been there. Woken up in the middle of my 40s with nothing horribly wrong, exactly, but with also nothing that was really, really right. Was this really my life purpose, this vaguely dissatisfying way of living from weekend to weekend and vacation to vacation and just trying to sort of blur the parts in between?

Really, what the hell was I doing?

If that’s you, there’s good news. You can stop doing what you’re doing. You can do something different. Or you can do what you are doing, but do it differently.

It is never too late to figure out your life purpose, to find your joy, to learn the best and truest expression of yourself and live it, every single day.

So I’ll ask again, this time in shouty caps:


If it’s working for you, please keep doing it–and spread that yumminess wherever you go.

If it’s not, it’s not. Admit it. Feel the pain and the fear of it. And then do something about it.


Because the rest of the world is counting on you to be the whole weird, gorgeous, outrageous, unique you that you really are.

There’s a bad moon rising, people. You can see it in the news, you can feel it in the air, you can experience it with each natural disaster and each mass killing and each weird-ass political stalemate.

The world needs every one of us to be real, to be brave, to be at the very top of our game.

Join me, won’t you? And learn how to turn “what the hell?” into “hell, yes!”

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