What Color Is Your Rug?

rug pulled out from under you, maggie mcreynolds blogYou know, that rug that got pulled out from under you.

Jeff uncomplainingly put in 12 hours a day for 23 years, worked his way up from entry level to upper management, and met every deadline. None of it could save his job—or his pension—went the company went belly-up.

Diana and Harvey worked out together, gave what everyone agreed were the best dinner parties, parented three genuinely polite and lovely children, and never went to bed angry. It seemed like the perfect marriage—until Harvey told his wife he had realized he was gay and was leaving her for their longtime accountant, Tim.

Barbara is a non-smoking, non-drinking runner who ate organic food , drank filtered water, and meditates daily. She was shocked to be diagnosed with breast cancer last spring.

All of these people had the rug pulled out from under them. And, weeks and months and even years later, they are still struggling to find their balance and to move on.

You can do everything “right” and still have things go terribly wrong, because unfortunately, playing by the rules doesn’t guarantee you’ll win the match. When we get blindsided by job loss, a health crisis, a spouse’s shocking revelation, it can knock us off our feet to the point that it feels like we will never be able to get up and find our footing again.

But you can. You will. Because you can decide that’s what’s going to happen. Right now.

It starts by taking stock, objectively and unemotionally: what’s going on right now, not just in your life, but with you. What are your strengths, your values, your priorities, your goals?

Then you get clear on what’s meaningful to you and what isn’t, what’s relevant, and what’s beside the point. What do you want more of in your life? What are you no longer willing to accept?

Finally, you take action, based on all you know about yourself and on where you’ve decided you want to go.

The thing is, when most of us have had the rug pulled out from under us, all of the above seems completely impossible and overwhelming. We’re sad. We’re hurting. We’re lying there, in shock.

So consider getting somebody on your side. That’s what “What’s Next?” is all about—a group of likeminded people, working together to figure out how to get up, get going, and move in the direction of their dreams.

No matter how dark or how big your rug, it can be part of your past. A story. The thing that got you moving into the next, best phase of your life.

Sound good? Get started, today. Because you can.

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