Changing Your Tune for the Holidays

Oh, the weather outside is frightful—but the fire is so delightful.

Well, yes, they are. But only if you think so.

Snowy weather can seem awful if you’re a commuter with bald tires who’s running late for work. But it’s likely a pretty cool thing to a kid, a skier, or that lucky dog with a good book and a day off.

A roaring fire in the hearth? Great with good company, or said book, or a cup of something comforting. Not so awesome, perhaps, if all you can think about is your heating bills soaring up the open flue or you’re having a hot flash.

Weather is just weather. Fire is just fire. They are observable, uncontestable facts. It’s the thoughts and stories we pile on top of them that give them meaning. And the holiday season is one of the biggest storytelling times of the year.

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