What Color Is Your Rug?

rug pulled out from under you, maggie mcreynolds blogYou know, that rug that got pulled out from under you.

Jeff uncomplainingly put in 12 hours a day for 23 years, worked his way up from entry level to upper management, and met every deadline. None of it could save his job—or his pension—went the company went belly-up.

Diana and Harvey worked out together, gave what everyone agreed were the best dinner parties, parented three genuinely polite and lovely children, and never went to bed angry. It seemed like the perfect marriage—until Harvey told his wife he had realized he was gay and was leaving her for their longtime accountant, Tim.

Barbara is a non-smoking, non-drinking runner who ate organic food , drank filtered water, and meditates daily. She was shocked to be diagnosed with breast cancer last spring.

All of these people had the rug pulled out from under them. And, weeks and months and even years later, they are still struggling to find their balance and to move on.

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I Feel Lucky

I feel lucky, I feel lucky, yeah
Think I’ll flip a coin, I’m a winner either way
Mmmmmm, I feel lucky today ~ Mary Chapin Carpenter

And Happy St. Patrick’s Day to ye. Or maybe, in a nod to the country song above, I’ll amend that to “ya’ll.”

Weird thing is, the “luck of the Irish” is kinda misunderstood. Holy Cross prof and Irish history expert Edward O’Donnell points out that the Irish have hardly been lucky; their country has endured over 1,000 years of invasion, colonization, exploitation, starvation and mass emigration.

The somewhat more positive phrase actually originated in America—and it wasn’t meant to be flattering. Seems that during the Gold Rush, some of the most famous and successful miners were Irish or Irish-American. When jealous would-be millionaires sneered of “the luck of the Irish,” what they really meant was that the Irish—not warmly admitted to this country—were such overwhelmingly stupid oafs that any success could only be explained by sheer, blind luck.

What is luck, anyway? Is it something that falls from the sky upon you, in the form of either blessing or curse? How many of you feel that others around you seem inexplicably and undeservedly lucky, while you, equally undeservedly, struggle? How many of the following statements sound familiar to you?

Some people have all the luck.
I just can’t seem to catch a break.
Maybe someday I’ll get lucky.
She got where she is by pure, dumb luck.

Me, I’m with Shakespeare, who famously wrote that “nothing is good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.” And I’m also with the divine Mary C. C., whose song essentially says that you are as lucky as you feel.

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