What Color Is Your Rug?

rug pulled out from under you, maggie mcreynolds blogYou know, that rug that got pulled out from under you.

Jeff uncomplainingly put in 12 hours a day for 23 years, worked his way up from entry level to upper management, and met every deadline. None of it could save his job—or his pension—went the company went belly-up.

Diana and Harvey worked out together, gave what everyone agreed were the best dinner parties, parented three genuinely polite and lovely children, and never went to bed angry. It seemed like the perfect marriage—until Harvey told his wife he had realized he was gay and was leaving her for their longtime accountant, Tim.

Barbara is a non-smoking, non-drinking runner who ate organic food , drank filtered water, and meditates daily. She was shocked to be diagnosed with breast cancer last spring.

All of these people had the rug pulled out from under them. And, weeks and months and even years later, they are still struggling to find their balance and to move on.

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