A Man Falls Down a Hole…

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. On second thought, don’t. You might like the twist at the end.

So, a man walks down a street and falls into a hole. He tries and tries to claw and climb his way out, but the hole is too deep and the sides don’t offer anything to grip or brace against. He begins to call for help. Most people peer in while passing, but continue on their way. The few who do stop are sympathetic—some even make helpful, though useless, suggestions—but eventually, they, too, move on.

Finally, a friend stops by. “Thank God it’s you!” the man cries. “I’ve been stuck here forever, and I can’t get out! I need help!”

“You got it,” says the friend, and he jumps down into the hole.

“Um,” says the man. “Wow. You’re, like, a really great friend to get down here in this hole with me, but now we’re both stuck. How’s that gonna help?”

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