Money Talks—But Do You Talk Back?

I don’t mean to pry. But honey, I’m worried about your relationship. How are you guys doin’?

Nah, not your relationship with your spouse or partner or BFF. I’m talking about one of the most neglected, conflicted, anxiety-laden relationships in most people’s lives. I’m talking your relationship with money.

woman covered in moneu, maggie mcreynolds blogOur habits and beliefs about money start young. At a tender age, some of us were already hoarders, scrounging for every penny that fell out of dad’s pockets and into the sofa cushions; depositing every gift check; watching, hawk-like, anxious that our bank accounts and piggy banks fill.

And some of us were the polar opposite: money was like a hot coal burning a hole in our pockets. I had a young friend who felt so compelled to spend whatever money came her way as soon as possible that if the toy store didn’t have anything she particularly wanted, she’d actually buy something she didn’t, just to get that high of acquisition.

Both behaviors are actually motivated by fear of not having enough.

I’ve been asking followers of my Facebook page to tell me what image or concept symbolizes money for them, and I’ve been getting some fascinating answers: an artichoke, a sieve, a flimsy cardboard box, an open flame, a vampire.


Behind each and every one of these money metaphors is a thought, a belief, about money that may or may not be helpful, that may or may not be true–and that may or may not even be ours. A lot of our thoughts about money are hand-me-downs from our parents, and even from their parents before them.

Recognize any of these?

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • We can’t afford that.
  • What, you think I’m made of money???
  • I’m just not good with financial stuff.
  • If I only had an extra $10,000 a year, I’d be set.
  • As soon as I get a little ahead, something breaks or goes wrong and I end up losing whatever I gained.

So what if money were like the other relationships in your life? What if you thought about your spouse as a dangerous pot of boiling water that might burn you? What if you thought about your friends as prickly and undependable? What if you believed love was finite, and if you weren’t careful, you could run out?

If you thought about your relationships in the same fearful, anxious, negative way you think about money, I’m guessing those relationships would kinda sorta…well…suck.

The goods news is, relationships can be improved—including the one we have with the stuff in our wallets. Join me next Sunday, January 30 at 3 pm EST (2 pm CST, 1 pm MST, noon PST) for a 90-minute teleclass/workshop on changing your thoughts, habits, beliefs, and relationship with money.

How much? That’s the interesting thing: I want you to decide. How much would a workshop like this be worth to you? How much are you comfortable paying? (Hint: without disclosing what anyone paid, this will form the basis of one of the workshop’s first discussions.)

Up for it? Tell me you’re in, and how much you can pay. Trust that I have no judgment about how much or how little you feel is right for you. I’ll reserve your spot, Paypal invoice you, and send you the call-in instructions. I’m hoping lots of you will join. The more minds working together, the more powerfully we can move our money thoughts around. Because money might indeed talk–but we all have the choice of getting a word or three in first.


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