How to Stop Half-Assing Your Life

half-assed life, maggie mcreynolds blogFrom the time I became an adult, I wasted the last two months of every year.

You see, my birthday falls in November, about two weeks after Halloween. Between finishing all the candy and planning the ultimate celebration, there was no way I was going to change any behaviors, start anything new, launch an initiative, or do any soul-searching. No, all that could wait until I turned (insert age here).

But, see, Thankgiving comes two weeks after that—a holiday which I often used to host for as many as 25 people. I was hardly going to start a diet, look for a new job, renegotiate my relationship with my spouse (or with myself) before that was over. And so I waited some more.

But what happens after Thanksgiving? Well, Christmas. I had to get busy shopping—here it was, Black Friday, and I hadn’t bought a thing yet! There was a tree to decorate, cookies to be baked, presents to be wrapped, cards to be sent. It took the whole month of December. And of course the last week of the month would be recovery and the slide into New Year’s Eve.

I figure that for the 25-some years I half-assed every November and December (I’m cutting myself some slack in childhood), I wasted over four years of my life. If I had continued that pattern beyond my mid-forties to age 80, which is the minimum life span for which I’m shooting, I would have wasted a full decade.

Was there joy during that time? Sure. Were there good, valuable moments? Of course. Was I moving forward, growing, fixing stuff that needed my attention, finding a better way, choosing a better path?

Absolutely not.

So, for maybe six years now, I’ve decided to stop waiting for every holiday to pass, for the first of the month, for the beginning of the new year, for my “real,” better life to begin. I decided to stop wasting November and December.

These days, I don’t half-ass my life anymore. I have put my whole and ample ass in, and I am shaking it all about.

Yeah, that means that sometimes, I risk making an ass of myself. And I’m good with that. Because I think taking the chance of being an ass beats half-assing it every single time.

So what are you waiting for? The music’s been playing. How much of your whole self are you willing to put in?

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