How to Rock Your Right Life No Matter How Heavy Your Load

Balanced Rock Arches National Park, Utah, USA

Balanced Rock Arches National Park, Utah, USA

When I was little, I had a rock collection, culled mostly from the landscaping in my front yard.

I named each of them in a list my mom has in a scrapbook. Some were pretty lame: Rocky, Pebble, Stone. Others had weird names whose origin I no longer remember. What was up with Bee Boy? Garg? Twoy?

I don’t have those rocks anymore, but as I grew up and went about my life, I’ll be darned if I didn’t acquire more. Rocks with names like Abandonment, Loneliness, Anger, and Isolation. The older I grew, the bigger and heavier the rocks got: Chronic Illness. Unemployed. Infertile. Separated. At one point in my life, the weight of all those rocks was so overwhelming I truly thought I’d be crushed beneath them. Sometimes, I thought I deserved to be.

We all have our rocks. Some of them were given to us by others. Some we unknowingly picked up ourselves. Others, we even chose—or they chose us. And among the latter category, there are those we either can’t or choose not to put down: Disability, for example. Caregiver. Chemical Imbalance. Parent to an Autistic Child.

I’ve been a rock collector for a long time, and here’s the one thing I know to be true: no matter how big or heavy the boulders you carry, you can still rock your right life. Sometimes that means learning how to put some of the rocks down. Sometimes that means learning how to carry them differently. Sometimes that means breaking them open and discovering a seam of gold within.

For my fellow rock collectors, I’m launching a brand new program about which I am ridiculously excited: The Rock Star Studio. Check it out. It just might rock your world.

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