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Hey, Baby, What’s Your Sign?

When I was a kid, the sidewalk marketing trend was hiring guys to walk around wearing sandwich boards.

sign spinning, maggie mcreynoldsThese days, it’s “sign spinning.” You’ve seen ’em. Someone—usually young—dancing and jumping and bopping, all while twirling, flipping, tossing a sign for a tax prep service, a mattress store, a car dealership. Some of them actually manage to look like they’re having a good time. Maybe some of them even are.

Today, as I sat at an intersection and watched a girl with a cobalt blue skunk stripe in her hair throw a sign for a cell phone company ten feet in the air and catch it, all while jiving to music on her iPod, I wondered what my sign—the invisible sign we all hold and toss around for other to see—might say. Because like it or not, I am, in a way, a walking advertisement of sorts for me. Not just in a business sense, but in the way I project myself to others just as a human being on the planet.

Would my sign say that I’m confident and centered? That I’m available to talk and a good listener?  That I think I’m pretty cool? That I am joyful, authentic, transparent, open?

Or would my sign say that I hope no one pays attention to me, or that I have low esteem, or that I am desperately looking for love, money, answers, peace of mind, and that earring I lost in Boston?

Our signs aren’t tangible, of course, but they may as well be. They’re easily visible in the way we dress, the way we move, the way we talk about ourselves and the world, and in the expressions on our faces. Unlike my friend the cell phone company sign spinner, we don’t get to take a break and put them down, not even in the privacy of our own homes—where we continue to spin our stories about ourselves, to ourselves. If I think I’m a loser (and thankfully, I don’t), I would think so no matter where my butt was parked.

Fortunately—and also unlike the sign spinners—we get the choice of what sign to hold. That guy outside the mattress store is always holding a mattress store sign, no matter now many times I drive by or at what time of day. You—and I—have the chance in any moment to change it up. To not just flip and toss and spin the sign itself, but also to toss and flip and spin the sign’s message.

Not sure what your sign says? Sit with how you feel about you and your connection and place in the larger scheme of things. Do you basically like yourself?  Are you happy? Do you feel that you deserve good things to happen to you, and that they probably will? Or do you have doubt and self-judgment, feel basically undeserving or doomed, or resigned to your lot in life?

Either way, it’s a guarantee that your sign is visible to everyone, and informs the way everyone you encounter reacts to you.

More importantly, your sign is something you act out, every day, in everything you do. Your sign determines your experience, your results, your life.

Want to spin your sign into something more productive, more centered, more joyfully and authentically you?  You can do it in a moment, just by changing your story about at least one thing about yourself, even for just today, even for just a moment.

Oh, and by the way, I’m a Scorpio.

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