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Got a Moment? Set Yourself Free!

I’m writing this from a white twin bed in a soft, airy room with a butterfly mobile, lilac and lime green walls, lamps edged in ribbon, a ceiling fan, and framed canvases of little loopy flowers. I feel about eight years old: safe, cared about and for, and a little sleepy in that wonderful pre-nap way.

How did I get here? Well, first I had to bail on the townhouse I was supposed to move into after contractors found mold growing inside the walls. Then I had to scramble to get all my furniture out of my current rental and into my would-be landlord’s garage; and, the next day, from the garage to a storage unit.

I stayed with one friend, then found a hotel that would take my dog, stayed there for two weeks, and am now staying with another friend in her young daughter’s sweet little bedroom, all the while looking for a new place to live and waiting for the hotel room to open up again.

It could be a Big Fat Crisis.

Except it isn’t.

And the only reason it isn’t is because I refuse to define it that way. Yes, I could fling myself down the thought path of believing that I’m “homeless” and money is finite and I had Better Find Something Right Away and the market is very tight and I might not find anything and could end up living in my car.

Or I could tell myself my own truth, which is that I dodged a big bullet by finding out about the mold BEFORE I moved in and got sick. That I have wonderful, generous friends who have taken me in without question. That I am not “homeless,” that my homes, instead, have been varied and interesting. That I am lucky to have the financial resources to do this until the right place comes along. That the right place is already on its way to me, just around the corner.

Every moment of every day, we all get a fresh chance to figure out what’s true for us. In this moment, I choose to feel as lucky and loved and safe as a cherished eight-year-old, gently dozy on “my” bed with the ceiling fan lazily counteracting the 100-degree weather outside and the sound of birds singing me softly to sleep.

Doesn’t sound or feel like a big fat crisis to me. How about to you?

Take a breath, and take in your moment, the moment happening right now. What’s true for you? What does your body want? What do you have that’s perfect? Shhh, don’t go rushing off into the next moment yet. Be with this one. Can everything be okay, in this single and singular moment of time?

I am loving life, and myself, and even my circumstances in this moment. How about you?

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