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Get Messy

Your life is a work of art.

And that doesn’t mean it’s pretty.

Imagine a sculptor slashing the arm off a figure and starting again. Imagine throwing handfuls of paint at a canvas. Imagine starting out sketching a horse, but noticing it’s turning into a buffalo somewhere along the way.

Imagine creating the coolest thing ever out of broken tile, shards of glass, stray bits of unraveled sweaters, and torn paper.

Great art is messy. It’s wild splashes of imagination, bold risks, triumphs, disappointments, hope, despair. Often, it’s trashing it all and starting over again. Great art isn’t any one thing, or an individual creation; great art is a body of work, developed and honed and re-visioned over time. It’s not something that’s ever “done,” because great artists don’t sit back and say, “There, that’s the best it’s ever going to get; I’m finished now.” Great artists know there’s always some small way in which the work can be transformed from a private moment into something that changes the world.

Imagine rolling up your sleeves.

Imagine getting messy.

Imagine falling so in love with the process that the outcome is almost immaterial, because you’re up to your elbows in brilliant shades of gouache, swept away on a cascade of heartbreakingly lovely music, one with the beauty you see through your viewfinder.

Your life—your work of art—is made up of every moment you’ve ever lived, every choice you’ve ever made, every emotion you’ve opened yourself up to feel.

It isn’t pretty.

But, oh, is it beautiful. And so, by the way, are you.

What will you add to your creation today?

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