Why the Heck Would You Hire Me?

I get asked what I do and how it works a lot–although admittedly less so now that life coaching has gone much more mainstream. But now that I’ve added writing coaching, ghost writing and editing, and other programs, I’m seeing more furrowed brows lately.

question mark, maggie mcreynoldsSo here’s what I do, and why in the world you might consider working with me:

I started out as a client in need of a coach.

Years ago, I hated my job as a managing editor of a city monthly. So what did I do? I started interviewing for other, higher-paying jobs as a managing editor for even bigger magazines. Big duh. If you don’t like turnips, eating more of them isn’t gonna help. Thankfully, I got some coaching—and ended up becoming a coach myself.

And wowee wow wow: I now know tons of great tools, exercises and conversations to get my clients out of crisis or unstuck, clear on what’s next, and how to get there. Helping people find their authentic voice or their authentic way of being/doing in the world? How cool is that?

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Stuckish or Suckish?

painted into a corner, Maggie McReynolds blogA couple of years ago, my son became entranced with “suckish,” a term coined by him and other tweens. He’s moved on by now, as kids will, but suckish has remained with me as the perfect phrase for circumstances that are challenging and painful, but not epically tragic.

Suckish = having someone without insurance back into your car. Having to work around an illness, disability, or handicap. Taking a pay cut. Finding out your spouse is having an affair—or finding yourself having one. Breaking your foot just before the marathon.

I find “stuckish” an equally useful descriptor. Stuckish is just what it sounds like. Working a job you hate for the paycheck you need. Sticking with friendships, relationships, or partnerships that no longer serve you. Stuck in the pain of your circumstances and unable to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Clutter, binge eating, compulsive shopping, destructive behavior patterns. Loneliness, disconnection, lack of purpose or clarity.

And when you’ve got stuckish and suckish together on the same dance floor? That’s a true tango of frustration, anger, hopelessness, even despair.

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Does Your Life Suck? I Can Help with That

Stressed Businesswoman --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisYou know that thing in your life that sucks?

Maybe it’s your job (or lack of one). Maybe it’s your marriage. Maybe it’s your health.

It could be a bunch of somethings. You’re allergic to pine trees but you live in the woods. Your tween needs orthodontia that you can’t afford. Your car has developed a disconcerting sound like safety pins being ground in a blender, but it never makes this noise for the mechanic. Your husband is acting different and you’re wondering if he’s ill or having an affair and it’s hard to tell which would feel worse.

I think some coaches do the world a disservice when they market themselves as sort of glamorous fairy godparents. They display their beautiful, seamless, jet-setting lives on Twitter and Facebook, and they imply–if they don’t come right out and say–that if you follow them and their formula, your life will be like that, too.

I’m not that kind of coach. My life isn’t pretty all of the time. Parts of it are weird. Some of it is downright messed up.

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