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maggie mcreynoldsI’ve been a writer since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Back then, my stories were kind of dumb but intriguing, like the one-page tale I wrote and drew with some frequency: a bride in full regalia announcing haughtily, “No, I won’t m6rry you.” (I got the letter “a” confused with the number six a lot at the time, but then I also confused my own grandfather with Walter Cronkite, so there’s that.)

I wrote my first collection of short stories when I was eight, and published my first book at age ten (in this case, “published” means a kind teacher mimeographed and stapled it and put it in my elementary school’s library). My extended family includes storytelling masters, reporters, columnists, and grammarians. My grandmother used to send my childish letters back to me with much love but also edited in red pen.

So you see, I come by the power of the story almost genetically.

I thrill to the words and life works of Anne LaMott, Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, Joseph Campbell, Eckhart Tolle, and so many more. I count them and my direct teachers Mike (“Notes from the Universe”) Dooley and Martha Beck among my greatest influences as a writer and as a coach.

Storytelling and story wrangling are my superpowers, and I’m grateful that my stories, whether personal narrative, fiction, or business copy, touch and motivate people. I’m blessed that their stories, in turn, inspire me.

When I step into the power of what I do best, as editor or life coach, I help my clients tell their stories in their own true, clear voices and craft the stories that shape their careers, their passions, and their lives.

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Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Lucky me, I hail from Colorado now, which has jewels of nature like nowhere else. This is Rocky Mountain National Park, where my “Ready to Ripen” end-of-class tour happens.



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