Are You Waiting for a Radioactive Spider?

I got bitten by a radioactive bug
I tried an experimental drug
I went for a stroll in a gamma testing range
I found an enchanted Uru cane
I made a serum that made me small
I modified the serum so it would make me tall
I got a radioactive isotope in my eye
A dying alien helped me accessorize
~ Super Powers, Ookla theMok

A huge part of the Super Hero mythology is having greatness, enormous responsibility and special powers thrust upon an unsuspecting or hapless regular human being. You’re walking along, minding your own business (or, perhaps, you’re a mad scientist carrying out some misguided experiment), when WHAM! Suddenly you’ve morphed from ordinary to extraordinary. And just like that, you can save the world. But here’s the truth, so sit up and grok this, okay?

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