Into the Fire

Warning: this is a woo woo post.

A while back, I studied contemporary shamanism. A shaman is believed to be a healer who travels between the world as we know it and the world of the spirits. I wasn’t looking to become a shaman, assuming such a thing is even possible. But I was definitely looking.

Our first assigned meditation, I got way more (and less) than I was expecting. We were supposed to meditate our way into the spirit world and ask for a guide. I wanted something cool, like a panther. Instead, I got a toothless old aboriginal dude who wouldn’t talk to me, but who seemed very amused by me and my presumptions.

I wanted a mysterious jungle to travel, me and my exotic panther. Instead, I got an other-worldly beach with a purple sky, indigo blue sand, and red water.

My annoying guide pointed at the horizon down the beach, which just so happened to be completely on fire, and gestured that I should walk into it.

What the what?!

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