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    The Power of Story

    Need help with your story? I'm an award-winning writer and editor. Need help changing your story? I’m a coach, mentor, and public speaker who helps clients shape and transform their lives.

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  • Is it sunrise or sunset?

    Crafting Our Stories

    How we choose and tell our stories shapes who we are and what we experience. Which stories make you happy? Let's work on them together.

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    Telling Our Stories

    Your message is unique and important, and you want it to sound effectively and authentically like you. I can help you get your words out into the world.

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Writing & Editing

Writing & Editing

My job, as your ghost writer or editor, is to honor your voice and to craft writings that sound exactly like you. I can make your words sing.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

As a coach, I’ll help you discern fact from fiction and which stories wound and which serve. You are the author. Your life is your story.

Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

The collaborative energy and sacred sharing that happen are nothing short of magic. If you like the energy of connection, this work is for you.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Want an engaging, substantive, entertaining speaker for your gig? I’m funny, informative, effective, and essentially fearless. Let’s talk.


Here’s a story I told at TEDx FrontRange:



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